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Gold Is The Ancient Currency, The Currency Of Trust

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Published by Philippe Herlin | Oct 1, 2020 | Articles 3465

What if we go back to the gold standard to set a stable relationship between currency and a certain amount of gold that has historically risen? This is the question asked by the French economist Philippe Herlin, author of the book “L’or, un placement d’avenir” and contributor on

BAB: The yellow metal crossed the symbolic bar of 2,000 dollars on August 4. What are the factors that allowed this increase?

Philippe Herlin: The main factor is the distrust of currencies; central banks are running their money printing presses at full speed, whereas with the recession due to the coronavirus, the production of real goods is falling. In this case, what is money worth? What are the major currencies, the dollar, the euro, the yen, the yuan, worth? Investors refer to gold, the ancient currency, the currency of trust, which nobody can print.

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