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Regal Assets Gold Investment Kit 2019

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Investing In Gold Bullion- A Time Tested Investment

Are you considering gold as an investment? Most investors invest in gold because it is a good hedge against inflation, it’s a safe haven and a solid investment. Watch this video to see why you should invest in gold today!

If you are seeking to balance your investment portfolio, the simplest and smartest method is to invest in gold. Out of all the precious metals, the most popular is gold and the reasons are clear. The sheer mention of its name screams wealth and it has been found time and time again to be a safe way for investors to insure their assets against volatile economic times; it increases in value when paper bought stocks and bonds decrease.

In simple terms, when other assets values drop in price, gold often rises. In the economic crashes of 2008 and 2018, many investors in the USA purchased gold as an investment to protect against the currency decline of the dollar. This form of investment is known as ‘hedging’ and the smartest investors know that as currency value falls, inflation occurs, also causing higher prices on imports and the value of their other stocks to decrease. The value of gold, however, is rarely affected by such economic trends and is therefore the best investment against inflation.

This trend of purchasing gold has continued to rise in recent years; in 2018, the investor demand for gold in the United States grew by 4%, due to trade wars between the US and China. In the United Kingdom in 2018, due to the continued uncertainty of Brexit, the investor demand outstretched that of the US, with 12% of investors demanding the ability to invest in gold.

It is well known with all these economic forecast predictions and disputes, that we live in uncertain economic times. In 2019, trade wars between US and China have not resolved satisfactorily and with the unresolved tensions between the UK and the EU regarding Brexit, the stock markets are prone to fluctuation.

However, all this uncertainty in the stock market and global politics has driven the price of gold up. In 2019, the price of gold has risen $99 in the US and has increased 11.6% in the UK in June alone. Though it is often hard to predict future trends, it appears a sure set thing that gold prices will increase as demand rises across the globe.

With the worldwide economy struggling and with all the unresolved political tensions driving down the price of paper stocks, there has been no better time to look at gold as in investment.


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